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Frequently Asked Questions

Each season has its own special charms, and we are here to help you discover the best of each and to experience the vacation of a lifetime.

What is the difference between Jackson, Wilson, Teton Village, and Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole is the entire valley. Think of a pasta bowl, a wide open high valley surrounded by mountain ranges with the Snake River winding down the middle. Beautiful! Jackson is the town. A charming town laid out around a central town square hustling in summer, quiet in winter. Wilson and Teton Village are located on the west bank of the Snake River and within minutes of Grand Teton National Park. There are great restaurants scattered across Jackson Hole. Everything is very close and easy to access from any area of “the Hole”.

How do I get to Jackson Hole?
I would fly right into the Jackson Hole Airport if possible. (JAC) There are 6 major airlines that fly into the valley many times a day, year-round. Because we have such a wide open valley, flying in is very easy and comfortable. Or you could fly into Salt Lake City, Utah, if you have a long enough stay to justify the 5-hour, easy drive. It can be much less expensive, especially if you have a group of 4 or more.


Do I need a car?
Absolutely! You will want to explore all the wonderful areas of Jackson Hole / Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone. You do not need a big SUV; our roads are flat and very well-maintained year-round.   No matter where you choose to stay, a car will give you the freedom to explore.

Where is The Wildflower Lodge located?

We are in the perfect location, where the locals love to live. It feels very rural where we are, with moose meandering the grounds, but we have wonderful restaurants within minutes of the Lodge. We are 5 minutes from both Grand Teton National Park and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. We are 5 minutes from the small town of Wilson and 15 minutes from the town of Jackson. You can easily drive into the park in the early morning and return before breakfast…or have a hearty breakfast and make the first tram in winter. See Google Map


What should I pack?
Layers. Our summers are pleasant daytime warm with cool evenings. May and October can be cool, with some unstable weather possible. Winters are cold and brisk, with lots of snow and sunshine occurring. Because it is dry in Jackson Hole, the temperatures will seem more moderate than the thermometer might indicate. Sneakers and light hiking boots are good for all trails, and fleece is handy in all seasons. A hat and light gloves come in handy. A jacket to break the wind is always good. Khaki is dressing up for dinners. Even the most upscale restaurants are used to occasional hiking shorts and boots… but you might see an occasional skirt, but seldom a jacket. Sunscreen, bug spray, no perfumes or scents…the mosquitoes would love you. One sturdy water bottle per person; our water is fantastic! A hat for the sun or a hat for a cool evening river trip. We have maps, guidebooks, trekking poles, day packs, bug spray, bear spray, and also bikes for the local bike path that runs by our property.

How long should we plan to stay?
Many of our guests stay for a week, returning year after year. You will not run out of things to see and do. See our activities and sample itinerary page.


Can we visit Yellowstone from Wildflower?
Absolutely. We will pack you a picnic breakfast and send you off at sunrise to avoid the crowds and maximize the wildlife viewing on your own or with a private guide service. Yellowstone is very interesting and very famous, but our guests love Grand Teton National Park even more!


Can a non-skier enjoy Jackson Hole?
Yes! Imagine watching snowflakes falling while enjoying a hot drink in front of the fire… walking on snowshoes along the banks of the Snake River… a dinner sleigh ride to a cute cabin in the woods… making snow angels... snowball fights... museums, great restaurants, feeling like a child again in a winter wonderland.


When Should We Plan to Visit?
Come when you can. You will have a wonderful time, but here are a few hints:

Let’s begin with Spring.

Remember, we are in the mountains. Our trees are just beginning to bud in May. Mid-May to Early-June is the early season and spring-like. The weather can be cool or just a bit warm. Snow showers can happen but are short-lived. No crowds, lots of wildlife viewing, snow on the upper trails, and perhaps snow on the ground yet in Yellowstone (esp May). Flowers will just be popping up. Activities begin gearing up during this time. But you can really enjoy the area and get a real feel for the “real Jackson Hole.”


Summer: Mid-June through the end of August.
The weather is getting warmer, but the nights are usually still comfortably cool. We can get an occasional hot day or two, but it is not the norm. Most homes do not have air conditioning because our weather is usually just pleasant. The busy season usually begins around the 4th of July…an amazing experience in Jackson Hole. Very old fashioned and genuine. But you can avoid the crowds with help and advice from us. All activities are wonderful and in full swing. The peak of the wildflowers is mid-July, but many will last until the first snowfall. You will have daylight from about 5 am to 9:30 pm 


Fall: Our fall begins to show the last week in August. 
The elk can be heard bugling, and the colors are just beginning to show some golden tones. September to mid-October is amazing!! Fantastic wildlife viewing, great colors, and Indian Summer weather with warm days and crisp nights. All activities are still going strong, and fishing is at its peak. The Fall Arts Festival happens during this period, and the art in the area is a real bonus. 

Late Fall: Mid-October to the end of October when the National Parks close until mid-December. 
This is a time for those who want to just enjoy the area with few people and few formal activities. You will experience both parks seeing more bison than tourists. The weather could be a bit toward early winter… but not necessarily. You need a sense of adventure to enjoy whatever may come during these last few weeks of the season. But our guests during this time love the solitude. 

Both skiers and non-skiers will love Jackson Hole. And this is one winter resort where you do not need to stay at the base of the Ski Lifts. There is so much to see and do in all parts of Jackson Hole. The Winter season usually kicks off the first of December, but the National Parks (which are not open to cars in winter... snowmobile, snow coach, or dog sledding only) do not open until Mid-December to Mid-March. Christmas is especially wonderful in the area… again, very old-fashioned and real. Winter is a quiet season, even with a world-class ski resort… nothing like Colorado or Utah crowd-wise... But with every amenity, you could want or dream of. 

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We are happy to help with any of your vacation plans

Call us at (307) 222-4400 or e-mail us at if you have further questions about the area or your plans.

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