Typically, we alternate between a savory and sweet breakfast.  We also have cereals, toast, muffins, and pastries alongside yogurts and fruit every morning.

A few examples of the Savory Breakfasts we might serve include:

Biscuits and gravy: Flaky southern style biscuits baked in a cast iron skillet, topped with Pork Sausage Gravy and a side of scrambled eggs.

Bacon and Eggs: Eggs any way you want served with thick smoked bacon and herbed hash brown potatoes.

Eggs Benedict: English muffin topped with a thick slice of ham, poached egg and hollandaise sauce.


A few examples of the Sweet Breakfast options:

Challah French toast: Spongy and sweet challah sliced and dipped in cinnamon infused egg then browned in a skillet. Topped with your choice of syrup, fresh berries and whipped cream.

Fresh baked coffee cake: Flavors of cinnamon, butter and vanilla with a heavy crumb fresh from the oven. Topped with a thick layer of streusel and served a steaming cup of rich coffee.

Butter Scones with honey and jam: Fresh baked English scones served with locally produced honey a marmalade and jam selection.


This is just a small sampling of dinner entrée options.

Elk medallions in red wine reduction: elk tenderloin seared and roasted then sliced thin and smothered in a red wine sauce.  Served with kale salad, mascarpone mashed potatoes and oven roasted brussels sprouts.

Shrimp and Mushroom Alfredo: Creamy alfredo sauce with shrimp and mushrooms over a bed of fresh, hand rolled and cut fettucine pasta.  Served with arugula salad and pan seared cherry tomatoes and fresh baked rolls.

Grilled Buffalo Steak: Strip or tenderloin cut of buffalo grilled the way you like.  Served with French onion soup, baked potato and asparagus.

Blackened Trout Fillet: A skin on trout fillet seasoned with Cajun spices and pan fried in cast iron then topped with French fried onions.  Served with carrot and raisin salad, boiled fingerling potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Grilled Salmon: Salmon steak seasoned with lemon and grilled.  Served with garden salad, herb roasted potatoes and grilled zucchini.

Eggplant Parmesan: Layers of thin breaded eggplant, red sauce and cheese baked to golden perfection.  Served with minestrone soup, caesar salad and fresh baked bread sticks. *Vegetarian

Pacific Crab cakes: Lump meat crab cakes topped with rosemary and lemon aioli.  Served with spring mix salad greens, baked sweet potato fried and steamed green beans.

My Mother’s Meatloaf: Lean ground beef seasoned with my Mother’s secret spices and baked with a generous layer of French fried onions on top.  Served with homemade ketchup, buttery mashed potatoes, brown gravy and candied baby carrots.

Chicken Kiev: Panko breaded chicken breast stuffed with garlic and butter.  Served with spinach and warm bacon dressing salad, wild rice and sautéed green beans.

Pizza Night: Hand tossed New York Style thin crust pizza, topped with your choice of toppings.  Served with garden salad.

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